I thrive in crisis..?

Publicerat: 2012-03-06 Kl: 18:06:48 | I kategori: Allmänt

Mitt horoskop för dagen: "Boats are designed to sail. Planes are intended to fly. When these great vehicles are out of their elements, they look awkward and cumbersome. But every so often, they must be repaired and maintained. People born under Aries are intended to make things happen. You are made to be decisive, to thrive in crisis and to live on your wits. If, right now, your world is not as tense with trouble as usual, you may feel uncomfortable. But that doesn't really mean anything is wrong. Don't create a new problem to solve."

Finns inget så tråkigt som att läsa andras horoskop, I knoooow!
Men hela uppenbart är det MENINGEN att jag ska filosofera om båtar och flygplan osv! Hänger du med, Anna!?


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